Blake Cormier and the Awkward Situation

by Blake Cormier and the Awkward Situation

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This is the debut solo album from Blake Cormier.


released December 25, 2012

Words and music by Blake Cormier. All songs were written, performed, recorded, engineered and mixed by Blake Cormier from July 2012 through October 2012 in San Francisco, CA. Carly A. Garza's vocals were tracked by PJ Remmler in San Antonio, TX. Mastered by Mason Macias in San Antonio, TX in November 2012.



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Blake Cormier and the Awkward Situation San Francisco, California

Rock and/or roll.

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Track Name: That Kid
I said I think we’re confusing the two. You said “that’s something we tend to do.” One of these things will thrive and one of these things will die. We don’t get to have it both ways. I was searching for the words you were trying to say. You were talking with your eyes, I was looking away. Just because it feels nice doesn’t mean it’s right for us. And now I’m sick of looking inside myself just to find that kid I don’t wanna kill. I don’t know why we walk a blurry line now. Are we all used up? Can’t you kiss or touch me? I don’t wanna move on without you.
Track Name: I Want It
Oh no, you don’t really know what you’ve got. You’re the type to get me going and never stop. As a matter of fact I’m feeling trapped. You took control and I want it back. At the minute I am in it up to my neck and I want it but I know it’s a fucking wreck. Oh no, here I go again running hot and I don’t know how to cope with the tools I’ve got.
Track Name: Now It's Done
I need you to know this: you killed it with your silence. Bad news would’ve been better than no news and the time spent waiting. Don’t shake it off too quick, you should focus for a minute and realize how real this thing was and how badly you fucked it up. And now it’s done. I’ve been finding thoughts in my head and more than words inside my mouth, though you tried to get me thinking I was in the wrong for feeling. And even though you don’t believe it, you’re destined to repeat it. My voice is as necessary as the weight of the words it carries. Let’s look into the future, a vast expanse built on what’s done. We’ll both be outside looking in, thinking of how it was when it began.
Track Name: You Seem Cool. Reply If Cool.
She’s with you, so why does it matter? We’re confused. We’re so fucking modern. You made up the truth like it was religion. You made me choose. All your advice might seem good for business. To you they’re not lies because you believe them. But you changed my life for worse or for better.
Track Name: Good Maker Outer
Don’t turn around and tell me something I don’t wanna know. I couldn’t take a revelation now. Just keep it in and mull it over. Here we are; more than tipsy by a little bit, coming together in and out of it. Chemically united for one night more and now I’m not falling apart. No, I’m not falling apart again tonight. All in all it’s like a ripple in the water now. I’ll cross my fingers if I’m all alone, close my eyes and feel the river flow. I’ll let it go, send a letter to my furrowed brow. “There’s no reason left to worry now. It’s all over and we’re moving forward.” And I thought this was something that we’d figure out, head up and shoulder to the wheel again. Like a dozen times we tried before. I’m giving up ‘cause pushing forward is all I ever do. I’ve gotten tired of avoiding it for these thirty-two trips around the sun. How am I not falling apart?
Track Name: Keep Walking
If you walk out, keep walking. Don’t look back for my face. I won’t be here waiting. These aren’t the good old days. And those days weren’t so good anyway, though there were ones we can’t replace. I’ve fallen in and out of the same little maze. I’ve gotten so worn out I’m unsafe, I’m insane. And I’m just saying there’s a line that’s blurred or crossed most of the time.
Track Name: The L Word
I’m ready to be in love again. I’m struggling with my words, though they keep falling out. I’m willing to toss it in the wind. I’m struggling with your words ‘cause they keep falling out. This is a common attitude when I just don’t know what to do and it’s a common play to drink it all away. I’m wondering where I should begin. You’ve been struggling with my heart and now it’s falling out. I thought it would take much more than this. You walk into the room and it just blurs around you.
Track Name: Brutal Honesty
I miss you when it’s cold at night in the city when I think of how you stood behind me with your arms out right behind me. And there are several achy places downtown that the 21 bus takes me right by and those memories come and find me. Don’t we learn nothing? Why can’t we work it out? We can make something outta nothing. A little more honest, a little less brutal. Life is never like those songs or movies that we all love and all dream about. But talking to the mirror I see something like a tiny glimpse of what you saw in me before you knew who I really was.
Track Name: Getting Weird
You have a very comfortable bed (is it weird?) and even though we just met (we’re in here getting weird). I know it’s a strange thing to ask, but sometimes my brain gets outta whack. I like the way you’re making me laugh and how you kiss while rolling in grass. Do you wanna just pretend we did it the right way? We don’t have to mind the rules. You got your name around your neck. I got the coolest mug I could get. We’ll have a good time anyway. We could always make it up, no matter what our minds say. I just wanna feel you up.
Track Name: Wishes
I know you’re contented settling into your suburban life. I just wish it was easier to watch you be bored almost all of the time. And I wish that real love was a thing I was able to find. And I wish I could wish you away or at least outta mind. I'd love to see you but I’ve been indisposed. I’m over here faking it and distracting myself from the path that we chose. And I wrote all of this just to tell you that I’m not alright. And I’ll sing it in tune if it helps me get through this alive. Saying that I’m sorry won’t fix anything for you and it won’t make it easier to think about what we went through. I know that you mean it when you say that you tried. You just aren’t able to be honest about the how and the why. And I wish that we both could’ve tried more to see eye-to-eye. And I wish you were able to take your own thoughtful advice.